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In 2018, EU-OSHA’s Multi-annual Strategic Programme (MSP) 2018-2023 was adopted. The MSP 2019-2023 is based on continuity from the MSP 2014-2020. The MSP sets the long-term goals for EUOSHA and the type of activities EU-OSHA will undertake to achieve these goals. Importantly, the MSP is the shared vision for EU-OSHA agreed among its key stakeholders. All programming beyond 2020 is based on a number of assumptions. The current Multi-annual Financial Framework comes to an end in 2020. For the purpose of developing this Programming Document EUOSHA has assumed continuity regarding resources after 2020. Based on the current proposal, EUOSHA’s contribution from the EU budget up to 2027 will remain constant in nominal terms, but decrease in real terms. In addition, the current EU OSH Strategic Framework comes to an end in 2020 which means that new EU policy priorities may have to be taken into account at a later stage. Another factor which is unknown but which has to be taken into account is the Commission’s decision on the follow-up of the evaluation of the four DG EMPL partner agencies.