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La Turchia di Erdogan nella Unione Europea ? Molte cose dovranno cambiare in Turchia perchè possa  fare parte della Unione Europea , ad esempio dovrà essere garantita la vita delle rappresentanze sindacali e il controllo sul comportamento delle aziende multinazionali . Ringraziamo il compagno Eric Lee  per il prezioso lavoro di segnalazione degli episodi di repressione antisindacale che avvengono nel mondo .  Editor



German clothing company Roy Robson has fired eleven union members from its factory in Izmir, Turkey.

The company is a major sponsor of well-known German Bundesliga football teams, including FC St Pauli.

The Izmir plant employs 600 people, and textile union Teksif has tried to organize it for some time. 

However, when workers join the union, the company fires them. A total of eleven union members have been fired this year. The manager has refused a meeting, saying that on principle, the company never meets with unions. 

This anti-union stance is ironic because St Pauli fans pride themselves in their support of progressive politics. St Pauli is famous across Europe for its sense of social responsibility.

IndustriALL has launched a major online campaign calling on Roy Robson to stop trying to prevent its workers from joining trade unions and instead to talk with the union.

Please take a minute to show that you support them, here:

Click here to support the campaign

And please share this message with your friends, family and fellow union members.

Thank you!

Eric Lee