New Commission proposal for a Directive on transparent and predictable working conditions in the EU


The proposed Directive  aims to improve information on working conditions across the EU. It will complement and modernise the existing obligations when it comes to inform workers about their working conditions by creating new minimum standards to ensure they benefit from a more clear and predictable information.

The proposal would need to be adopted by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. At a later stage, it would also need to be implemented by the Member States, either through legislation or by social partners’ collective agreements. This initiative is one of the Commission’s actions to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights , which was proclaimed at the Social Summit for Fair Jobs and Growth in Gothenburg in November 2017.

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Osha: Risk assessment tools under peer review

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The Commission organised a peer review meeting for web-based risk assessment tools, to facilitate mutual learning and discuss advantages and challenges of the different approaches. Participants from Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Slovenia, Portugal and Sweden gathered to discuss national approaches, many of them based on OiRA (Online interactive risk assessment ) in the use of web-based tools for compliance with EU regulation for risk assessment.

The event was hosted by the Irish Health and Safety Authority. Ireland has already developed its own tool, the Business Electronic Safety Management and Risk Assessment Tool (BeSMART) , to help businesses reduce unnecessary administrative burden of legislative compliance. BeSMART is part of the IRAT  (interactive risk assessment tools) network, set up by EU-OSHA to improve communication and sharing of good practice between partners.

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State-of-the-art report on reproductive toxicants: Summary available in various languages

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Reprotoxicants can affect both women’s and men’s reproductive health. They can also affect foetal and human development and effects include miscarriages, malformations and functional deficits.

A summary that presents the current knowledge on workplace risks to reproduction is now available in 12 languages.

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E-tools on dangerous substances: a workshop for experts held by EU-OSHA

Riproduciamo dalla fonte OSHA.EU  il Report di questo Seminario 

There is a need for high quality and simple tools on management of dangerous substances, which may function as a prevention tool, but also as a vehicle for awareness raising, promotion and education. A group of experts from occupational safety and health (OSH) institutions in the EU Member Estates joined a workshop in Bilbao last September to debate about the main challenges related to the development and maintenance of dangerous substances’ e-tools.

The specialists also discussed a range of topics such as guidelines for promotion and dissemination, difficulties to engage companies, considerable sensitivity and concern over data, training support, technical and language adaptation.

See the  Seminar Online Summary

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È in arrivo il 2018… insieme a una nuova campagna Ambienti di lavoro sani e sicuri


Con l’arrivo del 2018 è alle porte la campagna «Salute e sicurezza negli ambienti di lavoro in presenza di sostanze pericolose», dedicata a sensibilizzare a tali sostanze promuovendo una cultura della prevenzione nei luoghi di lavoro di tutta Europa.

L’EU-OSHA lancerà la campagna 2018-2019 a primavera, nella speranza che i partner e le parti interessate in questa iniziativa la sostengano in modo altrettanto efficace di quanto hanno fatto per l’ultima campagna, «Ambienti di lavoro sani e sicuri ad ogni età».

Non perdere le novità sulla campagna «Ambienti di lavoro sani e sicuri 2018-19 »

Effettua la tua valutazione dei rischi con il nuovo video di OiRA


È ora uscito, in inglese con sottotitoli, il video «Risk assessment with OiRA in 4 steps» (valutazione dei rischi con OiRA in 4 fasi), realizzato nel quadro del progetto di valutazione interattiva dei rischi online (Online interactive Risk Assessment, OiRA). Basato sull’infografica «Risk assessment with OiRA in 4 steps», il video mette in evidenza la valutazione dei rischi quale caposaldo giuridico dell’approccio europeo in materia di incidenti, malattie professionali e prevenzione delle assenze per malattia sul luogo di lavoro.

Inoltre, spiega con quale facilità le imprese possano gestire le problematiche legate alla sicurezza e salute sul lavoro (SSL) con gli strumenti OiRA, mostrando agli utenti come effettuare, con una procedura semplice e flessibile sul sito web dell’OiRA, una prova di valutazione dei rischi specifica per un determinato settore.

Guarda il video «Risk assessment with OiRA in 4 steps »

Guarda anche il filmato «Napo in… valutazione dei rischi online»

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07/12/2017 Healthy Workplaces Summit — conference proceedings and recordings now available


EU-OSHA’s Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign reached its final milestone at the summit in Bilbao, Spain. A summary of the conference, recordings of all sessions, presentations, CVs and photos are now available.

More than 350 OSH experts, policy-makers and campaign partners joined EU-OSHA to mark the end of the successful 2-year campaign and exchange good practice on sustainable working. Enlightening plenary and parallel sessions sparked valuable discussion, and interactive polls and Q&A sessions stimulated audience engagement. The summit went global, as live web streaming reached audiences in many countries and social media  spread the news widely.

Read all about the 2017 Healthy Workplaces Summit  and watch the recordings 

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